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Dive Courses Choose the dive course of your preference. We certify divers using two agencies: PADI and SNSI. Both are very good options for you. See and compare prices with us. www.padi.com www.scubasnsi.com PADI Scuba “Tune Up” Scuba Review Refresh your skills before diving. Recommended if you didn’t dive in the last 12 months. It consists in 2 dives to practice all your skills with a dive instructor. Also you will take 1 theory lesson to refresh your knowledge. Price $ 110 usd. Discover Scuba Diving PADI (1 day) If you don't have any experience as scubadiver this is the first step that you must take. It includes one introductory class to learn some skills and important safety issues and one dive. You first will practice snorkeling and then you will descend with scuba equipment, one instructor will be accompanying you in every moment. Dive duration about 45 minutes Includes one lesson of skills and safety procedures and 1 dive tank Price $ 110 usd Additional air tank with an extra cost. Scuba Diver PADI (2 days) This course is ideal for people who want to have the certification but don't have so much time. This certification allows you dive with one instructor in any place with less than 12 meters of depth. The course take 2 days: it consists in one theory class (chapter 1, 2 and 3 of PADI OWD book), one confined water in a swimming pool and one open water practice with 1-2 dives. Includes: manual and scuba diver certified. With this course you will be able to dive in company of a dive instructor 12 meters / 40 ft depth Price: $ 285 usd If you want to make an up grade and become an open water diver later you must contact a PADI dive instructor and continue with your next steps. PADI Open Water Diver (3 days) If you want to start with the dive adventure this is your option. OWD certification will allow you to dive with any other Open Water Diver or higher level.and descend until 18 meters of depth. It consists in 4 Theory lessons (chapters 1 to 5 of PADI manual) 1 Confined water session in a swimming pool. You will practice all the skills that you must know before diving in real conditions. (4 hours) 4 Dives in open water conditions. Includes: manual, dive tables, OWD certified. Not included: dive log (bring your own or buy it here) Price $ 420 usd OWD with PADI elearning: (3 days) PADI offer you the possibility to do all the theoretical part online from the comfort of home. Follow the instructions shown in the link and choose our dive center (Dorado Buceo Veracruz).https://apps.padi.com/scuba-diving/elearning/?irra=13756 (Veracruz) When you have finished your theory you could contact us to agree the dates to make confined and open water dives with us. Also you will have a theory review before to start the practise. Price $ 295 usd Includes: online material OWD certified. Not included: dive log (bring your own or buy it here) Open Water Referral: (2 days) If you take the course with a PADI instructor in your area he can send you "referred to us once you've completed the theoretical part or confined water with him / her. We can recommend you one instructor near you! You will perform the four open water dives that it requires to get certified with us. Includes: Open Water Diver certification Not included: dive log (bring your own or buy it here) Price $ 255 usd Advanced Open Water Diver PADI (3 days) To become an Advanced Open Water Diver you will review your skills in 3-4 theory classes before to go to the sea. Then, you will do 5 Adventure Dives: • buoyancy, navigation, wreck, deep choose one extra: search and recovery, fish ID, photo, night diving. Includes: manual, AOWD certified. Price $380 usd. Advanced Open Water Diver with PADI elearning Includes 5 open water dives. AOWD certified. PADI offer you the possibility to do all the theory online. After that, you could contact us to agree the dates to do the practice. You will do 5 Adventure dives (one by each chapter that you choose). Navigation and deep dive are required. https://apps.padi.com/scuba-diving/elearning/?irra=13756 NITROX (2 days) The course nitrox allows you to handle enriched air blends up to 36% of oxygen percentage. It requires 2 theory lessons and 2 open water sessions diving with nitrox Includes: manual, tables and NITROX DIVER certified. Price $ 210 Rescue Diver PADI (3 days) This course is designed for people who want to know how to respond in case of emergency! This course is highly recommended. You must be an Advanced OWD before to take it and it requires a first aid course with handling oxygen previously taken. 3 theory lessons (5 chapters) 3 open water sessions Includes: manual and Rescue Diver certification. Price: $ 400 usd To become a Rescue Diver a first aid CPR & O2 certified is mandatory before starting this course. We recommend PADI EMERGENCY FIRST RENSPONSE. $ 135 usd. Extras. Rescue Diver with PADI elearning 3 open water sessions Price $ 3,300 pesos. https://apps.padi.com/scuba-diving/elearning/?irra=13756 Emergency First Response To become a Rescue Diver a first aid CPR & O2 certified is mandatory before starting this course. CPR & O2 Price $ 135 usd (2 lessons: Theory and practice) SCUBA AND NITROX SAFETY INTERNATIONAL (SNSI) This is the only agency that allows Open Water Students to have in the same course a Nitrox certified or a dry suit certified. Instead of taking extra courses because we include this skills during your Open Water Diver course. Scuba Diver $ 265 usd. Open Water Diver $ 380 usd. Open Water Diver + Nitrox $ 450 usd. (includes two extra dives using nitrox 32%) Advanced Diver (6 dives) Bouyancy, navigation, drift, deep, boat diving $ 380 usd. Nitrox 32-36% $ 180 usd Rescue Diver $ 360 usd *** First aid certified is mandatory before starting this course. All SNSI dive courses include with NO extra cost: • Videos • pdf manual • Dive log • Dive tables • Training record And we will be able to send you all your material by e mail once you schedule your dive course with us! That way you will begin your dive lessons in home and continue with us using the traditional theory classes with your dive instructor at the Dive center. If you want we can set an introductory class using SNSI virtual classroom so you will be able to know our professional team before your trip!
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